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Real Estate and Probate Law Firm in Tampa

Also handling in Business, Civil Matters, Trusts, Wills & Probate Law

  • Real Estate:  Our Tampa real estate law firm helps clients with a variety of  commercial and residential real estate transactions, buying and selling property, and handling a full range of legal issues, including commercial leasing, foreclosure actions, contract preparation and review, and financing. Our experience with real estate laws and litigation in Tampa allows our firm to provide effective solutions even in complex disputes.
  • Probate, Wills & Trusts:  Our skilled litigators help individuals in disputes pertaining to inheritance and other probate issues, guiding them through each step in the complex probate process.
  • Business Law:  In addition to helping clients buy or sell commercial property under Tampa real estate law, we provide an array of services for businesses, including Limited Liability Company or corporate formation, handling stock and shareholder issues, dealing with breach of contract disputes, and many other legal issues.
  • General Civil Litigation:  Whether you face legal disputes relating to property issues, or if you must go to Florida state courts on issues of business disputes, estate litigation, probate disputes, or other general civil litigation matters, our attorneys have the skills to help protect your interests.
  • Estate Planning: We understand our clients work hard to build a good life for their families, and we have strong dedication to helping ensure families have the protection they need throughout their lives. Regardless of the value of your property and other assets, we help you in a range of financial planning processes, including helping you prepare wills and trusts, medical directives, and a full range of legal documents needed to protect your family.

Building a relationship with our clients

Unlike boutique Tampa real estate law firms, the skilled attorneys at Fuentes & Kreischer, PA provide a range of legal services to help families and businesses over the long term. Rather than conducting a new search for a law firm each time a legal issue arises in Tampa, contact us to begin a valuable relationship for your important legal needs.