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Litigation Help

When You Need Legal Help

Tampa Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation attorneys at Fuentes & Kreischer, PA in Tampa outline the importance of knowing when you need legal help and how a good lawyer looks out for your interests.

Tampa Residential Real Estate Purchase and Sales

If you are purchasing or selling a home, you need legal help to complete the transaction. You can work with a Realtor in Tampa to prepare your paperwork, but your Realtor's knowledge is not a substitute for experience practicing real estate law and litigation.

Foreclosure Help

There are many reasons why an individual would need legal help in a real estate transaction. One of the most significant reasons in our economy is if you are facing foreclosure. If you cannot pay your mortgage, you are not alone. A loss of job, mounting medical bills, and unforeseen family circumstances are valid reasons for you to be unable to pay your mortgage. If foreclosure is your only option, we will make sure you understand how the entire process works and advice to assist you in a resolution, if possible, by means of a modification, short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Tampa Commercial Property Transactions

As a fellow member of the Tampa business community, we are involved with businesses having trouble collecting rent, as well as tenants in dispute with their landlords. We represent investors and developers, and also create leases, subleases, and termination agreements. We also welcome new businesses relocating to Tampa with their commercial property needs.

Fuentes & Kreischer, a Full-Service Real Estate Law Firm

Obtaining legal assistance from Fuentes & Kreischer for your Tampa residential or commercial real estate transaction is a smart move in a down real estate market. Call our attorneys today for a free initial consultation at 813-933-6647, or complete our quick contact web form and we will respond to you promptly.