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Tampa Commercial Real Estate Law Firm

The commercial real estate attorneys from the law office of Fuentes & Kreischer, PA in Tampa handle matters including transactions, contracts and dispute litigation.

The State of the Commercial Market in Tampa

Tampa Commercial Rentals

According to the Tampa Downtown Partnership,there is nearly 6.5 million feet of office space in Tampa. Unfortunately, much of that space sits vacant due to the slowest commercial real estate market that has hit Tampa in 20 years.

Tampa Commercial Sales

The Tampa Bay Business Journal reports that in the period June 2008 to June 2009, commercial property sales fell 59% from the previous year. Prices for mall space and strip center space per square foot are almost half of what they were last year, and prices are continuing to drop.

Properties sit vacant due to the crisis in our economy. Investors and buyers, hoping to get a "deal," are offering ridiculously low prices. Leases are getting re-negotiated. People are losing their jobs and cutting staff. Until there is a turnaround in the commercial real estate market in Tampa, the services of a real estate attorney have become more complex.

Each commercial real estate attorney at Fuentes & Kreischer, PA in Tampa can help find creative solutions to help clients in their efforts to keep properties fully occupied by qualified renters.  Our commercial real estate law firm has over three decades of experience drafting effective rental contracts for our clients in a variety of economic climates.

Litigation Skills

Many issues can arise pertaining to property—from non-payment and other contractual disputes to matters pertaining to neighboring properties. Each Tampa commercial real estate attorney at Fuentes & Kreischer, PA makes every effort to help clients effectively settle property disputes out of court directly with opposing parties or the real estate law firms representing them. But when our clients in Tampa cannot settle their issues out of court, we have the extensive preparatory and litigation skills needed to advocate on behalf of our clients in the courtroom.

Reliable Commercial Real Estate Lawyers in Tampa, FL

The Tampa commercial estate attorneys at Fuentes & Kreischer, PA law firm understand the needs and concerns of landlords to keep tenants in the building and encourage them to pay rent in full and on time.  Located less than ten miles from downtown Tampa, each commercial real estate attorney at our practice can draft a lease or sublease, handle complex contracts, and help with a wide range of disputes.

If you need a commercial real estate law firm in Tampa, email or call Fuentes & Kreischer at 813-933-6647.