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General Civil Litigation
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Tampa Civil Litigation Lawyers

Commercial & Business Attorneys handling Contract Disputes and other areas of Civil Law

At Fuentes & Kreischer, P.A., our lawyers can assist in a wide variety of matters in Florida state courts.

Our litigation work includes—

  • Contract disputes
  • Commercial litigation
  • Business litigation
  • Quiet title actions
  • Commercial real estate disputes
  • Residential real estate disputes
  • Land disputes
  • Estate litigation
  • Probate disputes

We carefully evaluate your case to determine the best course of action and avoid costly, protracted court proceedings whenever possible.  While we cannot guarantee the outcome, we do all we can to produce the best possible result as efficiently as possible.

Faithfully serving your legal needs

Located in North Tampa, Fuentes & Kreischer have regularly worked with civil litigation clients throughout Hillsborough County since 1977.  Contact our law firm for representation in a legal dispute from an experienced attorney.