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The Value of a Good Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Lawyer in Tampa

The real estate law firm of Fuentes & Kreischer, PA in Tampa discusses some of the advantages of having a good attorney to look out for your best interests when closing on real estate.

Protect your interests - Your real estate attorney’s role is to protect what may be the largest investment of your life. At Fuentes & Kreischer, we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients and will represent your interests.

Review –Your real estate attorney should have a background reviewing contracts, leases, inspection reports, appraisals, surveys, and title.

Ethical and fair representation – Integrity and professional ability go a long way in a real estate transaction. A good real estate attorney will be well-respected in the real estate community. They should cooperate with realtors and lenders to enable a smooth transaction.

Explain title issues – A good real estate lawyer will research a property’s title to make sure the home is free and clear of any liens at closing. Also, the buyer should be made aware of any easements or zoning restrictions. These may affect their willingness to purchase the property.

Fair lending practices – A good real estate law firm will know how to spot unscrupulous lenders. Additionally, an attorney will review all the loan documentation, including the Truth-in-Lending disclosure, so you are not surprised with a higher payment or interest rate than you were expecting.

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