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Probate Law

Experienced Tampa Probate Attorneys Manage Estates Effectively

Florida law firm advises personal representatives and potential heirs

The probate process occurs during a time that is already difficult and confusing. Assembling the property that someone has accumulated over their life and distributing it in accord with their wishes and the court's mandates requires a series of detailed tasks that can seem overwhelming. If a loved one dies without a will or you have been designated as the personal representative for someone who has recently passed away, the experienced lawyers at Fuentes & Kreischer can provide authoritative guidance. We draw upon many years of experience providing knowledgeable counsel to Florida clients. We know how to preserve estate assets, handle unexpected challenges and execute the decedent’s wishes in an efficient manner.

Skilled counselors guide clients through each step of executing a will

Throughout the Hillsborough County area, our attorneys help clients carry out the instructions left in a decedent’s will. We guide personal representatives through each probate task, including:

  • Identifying and collecting assets — Sometimes even family members are not aware of certain assets that a decedent owned. We can locate hidden assets and overcome legal hurdles to bring all relevant property into the estate.
  • Serving and publishing required notices — Failing to issue required notices can halt the estate process and trigger lengthy legal disputes. Our firm ensures that creditors, beneficiaries and potential will challengers receive the proper communications.
  • Managing expenses — When someone dies, it can be easy to lose track of continuing financial obligations. Throughout the entire probate process, we make sure that  expenses are paid and accounted for.
  • Distributing estate assets to beneficiaries — Once all of the property has been brought into the estate, we seek court authorization to distribute the assets and carry out the instructions that have been set forth in the will.

Whether your estate is simple or complex, we provide the same high level of legal representation and always tailor our advice to your specific needs.

Seasoned lawyers provide valuable assistance for all probate matters

Successfully probating a will requires legal knowledge and strict attention to detail. People who attempt to resolve these matters on their own risk squandering the assets they have been appointed to manage. Our firm relieves the burden on personal representatives and helps to ensure that property goes to designated beneficiaries rather than being spent on unnecessary estate expenses. We can also assist with will contests.

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