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Tampa Estate Planning Attorneys

The importance of estate planning

After working hard for a lifetime, you need to get the right documents in place to help ensure your loved ones receive the legacy you intend for them. The estate planning attorneys at Fuentes & Kreischer, PA in Tampa have extensive experience working with clients with estates of any size to develop the right protections for their individual situations.

How our Tampa estate planning lawyers can help

Planning how to distribute assets through the development of wills and trusts is a major goal of the estate planning process, but these documents only meet part of the long-term needs of our clients. Each Tampa estate planning attorney at our firm takes the time to identify all your needs and help with issues such as the following:

  • Creating a power of attorney to identify individuals to handle your legal issues in the event that you become incapacitated
  • Avoiding probate issues when possible
  • Creating directives to help your loved ones know your wishes for health care if you become severely injured or ill
  • Creating  plans to protect your beneficiaries from undue taxes or debt

Each estate planning attorney at Fuentes & Kreischer in Tampa works closely with our clients to develop custom plans to address their specific needs.

Making critical decisions under complex laws

Developing an estate plan involves making many important choices—each with its own advantages and disadvantages. As you work through each issue with an experienced estate planning lawyer at Fuentes & Kreischer in Florida, we make sure you understand the pros and cons of your choices as we guide you through the planning process.

Your personal preferences and family needs can make a profound difference to your decisions. For example, developing a will helps ensure your beneficiaries do not face unexpected results during the probate process. But wills often become public after death, and you may prefer one of many alternative methods for protecting the privacy of your beneficiaries, such as revocable living trusts, gifting assets before death, life insurance policies, or many other options. Our estate planning lawyers in Tampa help you make informed decisions.

Individualized attention to your legal needs in Tampa

Each Tampa estate planning lawyer at Fuentes & Kreischer, PA law firm understands the complex Florida law and helps ensure our clients develop plans that meet their specific needs and concerns. Contact Fuentes & Kreischer for legal assistance from a qualified lawyer.