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Understanding Eviction Proceedings
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Florida Eviction Process For Non-Payment of Rent

The steps to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent can be found on the Official Clerk of the Circuit Court of Hillsborough County’s website. A landlord can also download the forms required to start the eviction process and file the paperwork without the help of an attorney. However, a real estate or landlord/tenant attorneys will make this process so much easier, and can file and serve the paperwork for you.

Notice of Non-Payment of Rent to Tenant

Before your lawyer files an eviction lawsuit, a written notice must be sent from the landlord to the tenant. This notice should state:

  1. The tenant has three business days to either pay the rent owed or vacate the property
  2. The amount of rent owed
  3. The date you served the tenant notice
  4. The name and address of the landlord and tenant

In addition to the notice, the other documents which need to be filed with the Court Clerk are:

  1. The original complaint
  2. Copies of the notice of non-payment of rent
  3. Copy of the lease
  4. The eviction summons
  5. A small filing fee
  6. Pre-addressed, stamped envelopes with the tenant’s name and address

The Sheriff or Certified Process Server will serve the tenant the summons. The tenant has five business days to file a response. On the sixth day, the lawsuit may be filed.

This article on the Florida eviction process was contributed by the Tampa real estate lawyers of Fuentes & Kreischer, PA, 813-933-6647.